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Custom Could Cost You Less than buying a finished home in the market
Archteco can build or remodel it for you for less. This is why:

Finished Product in Market  Custom build by us

$350,000 Home Price, 3/2.5 2,000 sq feet new home example.

($80,000 lot + $260k construction) $340,000 (-) financial discount.

Location options are limited to existing properties in the market

Choose the house location or a vacant lot that you want

Spaces, distribution, finishes,
landscape and colors are already 

You choose your layout and participate in the design from beginning to end.

Does it have a good foundation, a good frame?

Foundation and frame are certified by our registered Structural Engineer.

What is inside the  walls? You might not see.

You can see what goes inside the walls during the construction.

Few electric cable and phone outlets

You can choose custom features

You pay $350K total

You pay $330K Total

You pay sales commission.

No commissions extra cost, no matter who pays.

You pay property taxes based on 350k appraisal

You pay property taxes based on 330k appraisal

Builder re-sales financial cost to you

Your bank finance you at a lower interest.